VPN instructions for a MikroTik Router

This guide explains how to manually set up a PPTP VPN connection on MikroTik and start using the VPN99 service.

Step 1

Login into your router via Winbox app

 alt text

Step 2

Select PPP menu

 alt text

Step 3

Go to tab Profiles 

alt text

Step 4

Create new profile with name vpn99

 alt text

Step 5

In Protocols tab, set Use Ipv6 - No, Use Encryption - Yes, and click Apply, Ok 

alt text

Step 6

Create new PPTP-Client interface - pptp-vpn99

 alt text

Step 7

In Dial Out tab, set parameters:

Connect To - vpn99 server name, for example - nl.vpn99.net

User - username

Password - password

Profile - vpn99, created in previous steps

Allow - uncheck pap

click Apply, Ok

 alt text

Step 8

In Status tab, you will see successful connection status: 

alt text

Step 9

Select in menu IP->Firewall 

alt text

Step 10

Go to tab NAT 

alt text

Step 11

Add new nat rule: 

alt text

Step 12

In Action tab, set Action - masquerade

 alt text

VPN99 is now connected! Enjoy it!