VPN instructions for Window 10 Mobile

Setting up L2TP connections under Windows 10 Mobile

Step 1

In the list of installed applications, click Settings.

alt text

Step 2

Select Network and Wireless

alt text

Step 3

Select VPN 

alt text

Step 4

Click Add VPN Connection

alt text

Step 5

Fill in the fields as shown. In the Server Name field, specify one of the following values in accordance with the preferred country of connection:

Or x.vpn99.net for automatic country selection.

In the VPN Type menu, select L2TP / IPSec with a preshared key.

When complete, scroll down the screen.

alt text

Step 6

Fill in the fields as shown. From the Login Data Type menu, select Username and Password. Please note that Account and Password are the same Login and Password with which you registered on vpn99.net.

When finished, click Save.

alt text

Step 7

Return to the VPN screen and tap Connect.

alt text

Any questions? Write us at support@vpn99.net